Dear Visionary,

If you want to grow your
business and revenue then
don’t hire a full time

If you want to grow your business and revenue then don’t hire a full time integrator!

(Continue reading to find out what you
should do instead)

(Continue reading to find out what you should do instead)

If you’re reading this right now then you probably are an entrepreneur who has done well, but you’re having trouble getting to “that next level”.

You have a strong passion for what you do and you have a BIG vision... I vision so big and strong that you get LIT UP just thinking about it. Like a burning flame inside you.

But then you are most likely frustrated because although you’ve done well and you are so passionate about your vision, you find yourself:

  • Reactively planning
  • Bouncing around from strategy to strategy
  • Never sticking to something
  • Not clear on where you’re going exactly

and most of all you’re probably tired of sitting down to “work” for the day and not knowing what you should be working on…

And you’ve probably been told:

"You need to Hire an integrator"
"Use XYZ strategy"

Let me tell you this is NOT the solution. Hiring an integrator thinking they are going to solve all your problems and help you make more revenue is wishful thinking. And if you could hire an Integrator you probably don’t even know what they would do for you. On top of that, implementing the “best” strategy from the top marketers will do nothing for you if you aren’t aligned with it.

That’s the old, outdated online business model.

With the new, more effective model you need three things to help you get more revenue and grow your business faster:

  1. Clarity on what you want (not copying what others are wanting)
  2. An aligned roadmap with directions on how to get what you want (that’s unique to you)
  3. A task list to be able to stay on track with the roadmap

That’s it.

The new model is minimalistic, efficient, and aligned. (and not complicated)

it's time to say goodbye to...

Copying other peoples strategies and trying to make them fit into your business

Working on shit that is not moving the needle

Creating offers that aren’t aligned with what you want and how you want to run your business

The standard group coaching courses and zoom calls and copycat offers

And stressing yourself out all the time!

You deserve to LOVE your business journey and finally get that direction and clarity that’s been missing for so long. And you deserve to let that visionary inside you fully shine and play full out without getting bogged down with details…

What you need is someone to listen to you and truly SEE your dreams, visions and desires and turn them into a beautifully aligned roadmap with steps and milestones and most importantly a checklist where you don’t have to think- you just follow the steps and tick off the boxes.

You need someone to go inside your brain and your heart, pull the vision and passion out of you and transmute it into a practical, real-world plan.

Doesn’t that sound incredible and exactly what you need right now? Well, the good news is that someone does actually exist.

Nice to meet you, you badass visionary

Nice to meet you, you badass visionary you.

My name is Nikki and one of my purposes on this planet is to help visionaries get clarity and direction so they can do what they are supposed to do— dream, vision and lead.


I have the unique ability to see the big picture and the details all at once. I am able to feel your vision on an energetic level and translate it for you into a set of steps. Life is too short for you to sit on your big vision any longer. Let’s get it out there!

Seriously for the first time since I started the business I know what I need to do, and I know that achieving my vision is possible. I feel aligned AF!
-Jake Currie


The 90-Day

The perfect solution for visionaries who aren’t yet ready to hire
an Integrator, are tired of throwing mud at the wall and seeing
what sticks, and need a personalized plan to get focused and
start increasing their revenue all without being stressed out!

The perfect solution for visionaries who aren’t yet ready to hire an Integrator, are tired of throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks, and need a personalized plan to get focused and start increasing their revenue all without being stressed out!

I only accept a few clients per month, act fast
before this opportunity turns into a waitlist
I only accept a few clients per month, act fast before this opportunity turns into a waitlist

In just a couple of weeks
you'll be able to...

In just a couple of weeks you'll be able to...


I give you a task list, meaning the exact tasks you’ll need in order to hit your 90-day intentions. No more getting to your computer and thinking “what do I need to do today?”


Imagine spending the majority of your time getting shit done instead of thinking of how to get it done. I do the thinking for you and you just execute. Faster results.


No more clicking around watching other people’s strategies…you’ll be so aligned and lit up by your unique plan that you’ll find yourself more focused and feeling solid in what you’re doing!


No more launching a new offer every week or switching to the hottest strategy. An aligned plan includes data-driven decisions instead of reactive decisions. Pivot with grace instead of starting all over.


HOW IT WORKS: I want to be your integrator!

As the Integrator for a personal brand for five years, taking the brand from $0 revenue to $18 million, as well as having been a Visionary myself, I know what Visionaries need and how to help them faster and more effectively. The 90-Day Integrator turns your beautiful vision and dream into a practical plan that’s easy to follow. It’s time to get your vision out to the world and the lack of an Integrator should not stop you!

You fill out a deep questionnaire where I ask you questions about your dreams and desires and the current state of your business

We have a follow up clarity and visioning call where we both get ultra clear on exactly what you want and how you want to get there. (Everyone tells me they feel amazing, lit up and sooooo clear after this call)

I work my-behind-the-scenes magic and turn everything you said into a practical roadmap with a 90-day task list

I deliver it to you, you start implementing and a week later we have a quick follow up call for questions you have and to iron out anything that came up during your week of executing the task list and plan

Imagine Knowing what you’re working on every day, Feeling aligned and focused (which, you guessed it, translates to more revenue and growth)


Nikki is able to see the
invisible obstacles and create
a plan that is personalized for
what I want, not what
everyone else is doing.


Can’t thank you enough,
Nikki. Now my success is
inevitable because each step is
mapped out. All I need to do is
start ticking boxes.



If you’re totally over the old way of running an online business and you’re looking
for a fresh, focused and aligned start, then this is for you.

this is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not ready or willing to dig deep and share your authentic vision and desires with someone
  • You tend to blame lack of success on outside things like other people or bad strategy etc. instead of taking responsibility
  • You don’t have a product or business yet (you must have a proven track record of helping people with your unique gift!) if you’re just starting out this is not for you.
  • You are not wanting to put in the work (I give you the checklist all you need to do is roll up your sleeves and do it)
  • You’re not open to changing your offers, business model or experimenting

this is for you if...

  • Everything you’ve read so far resonates with you
  • You’re open and willing to expand
  • You have proven sales that show that your offer works (a good ballpark is you made between $100-200K last year with the offer you want to scale)
  • You’re able to take the time to pause and reflect and get deep with yourself to let your true desires come through


The 90-Day Integrator

what you get:

  • A 90-minute clarity and visioning call
  • A PDF roadmap for your business based on your preferences
  • A 90-day task list/checklist
  • A follow up call one week after receiving your roadmap and checklist.

Stop complicating everything. Get clear, create a roadmap, follow the roadmap. That's it.



A: It’s a dedicated space for you and I to get crystal clear on what you want exactly. Do you want to travel the world speaking on stages and write a book? Do you want a big team? Do you want a small team with a simple business model? Do you want to work 5 hours a week or 20 hours a week? You cannot get to you “destination” if you don’t know where you want to go! At the end of this call you’ll feel aligned and lit up!


A: My brain has the ability to see the big picture and the details. I also am able to see your vision out there in the ether as well as here on Earth in 3D. I take your desires and vision and I turn it into a map and steps that you can follow you get it out of the ether and into real world. I take your questionnaire responses and the information I received on our clarity and visioning call and I work backwards from your vision.


A: A week after you receive your roadmap, you will have a short follow-up call with me to ask me any questions and tweak anything. I encourage you to jot down your questions during the week so that you can ask me them all at once on our call.


A: I’ve been in your position and I’ve also worked for people in your position. You can keep spinning your wheels and trying to figure it out yourself and I can guarantee it will lead to burnout. Or you can get focused and aligned and hit the ground running and see results way faster. If I had this service presented to me way back when I had my online business, I would have jumped on it in a heartbeat. You’re not at the level to hire an Integrator and for so long there hasn’t been a good solution. But now there is. I created this service because I see so many entrepreneurs struggling when they really don’t need to be! Give yourself permission to just be a visionary instead of trying to vision and plan. Most people can’t do both. Allow me to make your plan so you can hit the ground running.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

This service has the potential to skyrocket your business, but you have to do the work. If you don’t feel more clear, focused and aligned after our calls together and upon receiving your finished roadmap and task list, then email me within 14 days of our final call and I’ll refund you.

If you’re ready to get focused, clear, aligned, and make more revenue then apply now!

*Revenue results vary and are based on the work you put in. DO NOT apply if you’re looking for a magic pill to make more revenue. I only accept Visionaries who take responsibility for their life.