It’s time to stop throwing
money at the wall and
actually get your
business to work for you.

(In an aligned, fulfilling way)

In 2018 I was hired to scale an online business from 1-1 consult calls, to a thriving multi-million dollar company. And I did just that. When I left in 2022, we generated over 18 million in revenue and impacted thousands of amazing humans around the globe.

Now, I’m helping other online businesses do the same, but in the NEW more aligned way. (In a way that makes you feel proud, fulfilled and actually happy!)


Ready to SCALE
your online business the aligned way?

“Nikki has been a godsend for my business. I know that I could not have built my business to the level of success I am experiencing without her. I also love the way she helps translate 5D ideas into a 3D business. I cannot recommend Nikki highly enough. Hiring her in my business was my best decision to date. ”

-Katie Deming, Conscious Oncologist

You’re here reading this right now because you want to figure out how to get your business to work and get back to a place of surrender, joy, more fun and more consistent revenue.

The only problem is you’ve tried everything and you don’t know what the next best step is to get there.

Have you ever wondered why you keep throwing money at the wall and not seeing results?

If you’re like the majority of online business entrepreneurs I talk to, chances are you are…

  • Tired of not seeing your business scale
  • Tired of the financial pressure
  • Tired of feeling like shit

And if you’re really being honest, you’re tired of your offers not converting and dealing with old patterns of financial anxiety and insecurities from your past.

You know your offers are amazing and can help so many people and you know you’re on the planet to do this exact work, but you can’t f*ing figure out why your business isn’t scaling.

And if you’re really being honest, you’re tired of your offers not converting and dealing with old patterns of financial anxiety and insecurities from your past.

You know your offers are amazing and can help so many people and you know you’re on the planet to do this exact work, but you can’t f*ing figure out why your business isn’t scaling.

You’ve forgotten why you started this business in the first place… and you frequently fantasize about shutting it all down and just becoming a barista and living a simple easy life.

I seriously get it.

(not just saying that because that’s what copywriters tell you to write to “meet your prospects where they’re at” BS)

Like really…I’ve been there and I legit feel you and know how real these shitty feelings are.

But here’s the thing…

I know that YOU know that if you want to get your business to work, then you need to be able to identify the specific problems in your business instead of guessing what the problem is. And then you need an actual plan.

In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs in the online space are pros at consistently auditing their business and identifying what is working and what is not working and making informed decisions that actually scale the business. Then they create an effective plan.

Which means if you want to stop settling for slow and frustrating scaling, and instead experience confident, sustainable scaling with increasing revenue every year,

…then you need to audit your business and identify the specific problem areas, and then make an actual plan– ASAP!

It’s not that you don’t know how to scale your business, it’s just that you haven’t identified the specific problem areas or created an actual plan.

Want to know the “secret” behind those mega successful businesses you’re following?


They are CONSISTENTLY AUDITING their business so they know exactly what to focus on and where to invest their energy and money. And, they have an ACTUAL plan.


They’re also prioritizing alignment because they know it’s the way to true, sustainable success.

“Nikki is able to see the invisible obstacles and create a plan that is personalized for what I want, not what everyone else is doing. There is also a hidden benefit to having an actual, aligned plan…there is no more panic mode, we are able to make better decisions and are actually ahead of the game instead of in reactive mode!”

-Elizabeth Ralph, The Spiritual Investor

Here’s the truth- as the Integrator and Business Consultant for various six to seven-figure businesses, I can tell you that when it comes time to scale your business, auditing and diagnosing is one of the TOP priorities behind a successful business strategy.

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t know where your business is having problems and where it’s thriving, then how do you know where to focus? How do you know where to invest?

A business audit is THE thing that tells you, the CEO, where you’re leaking money and energy and where you should invest more money.

Which means successful entrepreneurs learn how to consistently audit their business.

They have an actual PLAN for their business based on data, not just guessing.

→ → If the word “plan scares you, don’t worry. My definition of plan is the following: An aligned action plan based on your intuition and past experiences that excited you and can be modified at any time.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t guess what the problem is. They don’t spend money on developing a complex funnel when they don’t even know if the funnel is the problem, and they don’t downplay the importance of making decisions based on data and observation.

And neither should you.

I know first hand how auditing your business and then creating a plan based on that audit can transform an entire business and your entire revenue stream.

And now, I want to help you transform yours.



A done-for-you service if you’re an online business entrepreneur, and you’re experiencing a dip in revenue or lack of fulfillment and can’t seem to figure out how to fix it and have tried everything!

I know you think you’ve tried everything, but that’s because you’ve tried everything from where you are…INSIDE the jar. If I ask you to read the label from the inside of the jar, you’re going to have a hard time.

However, I’m sitting OUTSIDE the jar, and I can clearly read the label, and I can perceive other obstacles that you’re not seeing that are holding you back from scaling your business.

The most effective business audits are conducted by someone who is not close to your business.

I have the unique ability to see the big picture and the details at the same time, as well as the ability to identify obstacles and problem areas that most people don’t recognize.

“Because of Nikki’s advice and guidance my company grew from a start-up to a multiple seven figure business in just five years. She’ll show you all the hidden obstacles and opportunities in your business, and she’ll quickly become an irreplaceable business growth asset. If you are 100% serious about huge business growth, then hire Nikki now.”

-Jim Fortin, Leader in Subconscious Transformation


It’s really simple (because the last thing you need right now is something complex)

You come to me probably frustrated, tired and not knowing what your next best step is to get your business thriving…

At the end of our time together you leave hopeful, focused, excited and extremely clear on what your next best steps are to scale your business, get revenue up and feel fulfilled again! Let’s dive in!




Upon purchase, you’ll fill out the business diagnostic questionnaire. When complete, you book a call with me.

*This isn’t your standard questionnaire. This is a unique set of questions based on years of experience and energetics to help me and you tap into what’s really deep inside you!


I analyze your responses and start to prepare your Business Diagnostic Results and suggested plan of action.


We hop on a call and I ask you clarifying questions and begin to go through the results with you, sharing my findings and then we discuss solutions and co-create a plan of action to get you moving.

*You’ll receive a summary of your diagnostic results and a copy of your plan of action via email

Are you ready to get your revenue up, build a thriving business, and feel focused and aligned again?

“Can’t thank you enough, Nikki. Now my success is inevitable because each step is mapped out. All I need to do is start ticking boxes.”

– Jake Currie
Chiropractor and Entrepreneur

Who is “Fix My Business” for?

This done-for-you service is best suited for online coaches, course creators, and online businesses that sell coaching programs, self-paced courses, memberships, 1-1 packages, masterminds and other related services. *not for brick and mortar businesses*

This is for you if you’re tired of throwing money at the wall, and are currently being mindful of their expenses as they navigate this temporary difficulty in their business. (Aka they are DONE investing in things that don’t get them an ROI)

This is for you if want to...

  • Confidently know what the next best steps are in order to scale your business and get revenue back up (no more guessing)
  • Need help identifying the hidden obstacles holding you back from scaling your business
  • Get back to thriving and feeling joy in your business instead of being so damn tired of the financial pressure and lack of results 
  • Get an honest audit of your business from someone who is outside the jar and can see things you don’t see and will call you out on things that will challenge you
  • Prioritize alignment over hustle, funnels, bro marketing, gross sales tactics

** This is NOT a fit for you if you have a brick and mortar business and you’re not willing to change how you’re showing up in your business. Chances are you’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone to scale and fix the problem.

Have some clarifying questions before you invest? Here are some that come up frequently:

I have already done a business diagnostic and I’ve tried everything. How is this going to be different?

Like I said above, you think you’ve tried everything, but you actually haven’t. If you or a team member were the one to do the “business diagnostic” it’s not a true assessment, because you and your team are inside the jar and can’t see what I see from outside the jar. You can either keep telling yourself you’ve tried everything or you can try something new that is risk free. Invest in my Business Diagnostic and if you don’t find it helpful, then ask for your money back-no hard feelings.

And if you feel like you already know what the problem is, then go fix it, don’t hire someone to keep digging.

I need this ASAP. How fast can I get this?

Upon investing in the Business Diagnostic for Online Businesses service, you’ll get immediate access to step 1, the questionnaire. Upon submitting this questionnaire you’ll be prompted to book a call with me 5-7 days post questionnaire, which is when you’ll receive your resultss and plan of action.

Why should I trust you? Why are you the best person to help me?

I may not be the best person to help you. There are other consultants out there that do similar work that may help you better. But, the only person who can make that decision is you. I work 100% from energetic alignment and if you feel aligned with everything you’ve read thus far and resonate with the way I share my message, then chances are we are a good fit. If you’re not resonating, and you’re questioning yourself and having a lot of doubts, then I’d explore other options. It’s all about frequency! When you know you know.

On the more practical and tangible side, I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs helping them identify problems in their business and come up with creative solutions unique for them. I also currently have multiple clients on monthly retainer (100K-1 million per year plus in revenue businesses) where I serve as their advisor, consistently auditing their businesses and offering solutions and consulting. And lastly, from 2018-2022 I took a business that only offered 1-1 consulting to a thriving company with memberships and group coaching programs that totaled 18 million in revenue when I left.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs with one VA to a 10 person team, I’ve hired over 20 employees, I’ve mentored team members and helped create converting funnels…I’ve done it all and now I’m focusing on what my trie zone of genius is- identifying invisible obstacles and creating a plan to overcome them.

What kind of questions are in the Business Diagnostic Questionnaire?

Let’s just say it’s not your typical business audit.

My clients have told me that my questionnaires are incredibly powerful and there is some sort of magic in them!

And this is accurate. I receive guidance on how to craft my offers when I sit in silence and tune into my soul. If this makes you uncomfortable we are not a good fit 🙂

The questionnaire takes your through 4 areas of your business- Operations, Marketing/Strategy, Finances and Energetics. in my experience scaling and running businesses, if you have problems in one of these areas, it will eventually affect the success of your business.

I will ask you questions about your metrics, but if you don’t have the answers, it doesn’t matter–you simply will respond with “I don’t have this” and that gives me the feedback I need.

You’ll learn more about the four areas of business I mentioned above on our call together!

“Nikki is an incredible consultant, coach, and mentor. She is mind blowing. ”

-Emma Dunwoody, The Human Design Coach

What kind of issues have you discovered for your clients when conducting the Business Diagnostic?

Everyone has a different business and everyone is different. Some entrepreneurs are rock solid with their metrics and funnels, but the energetics are way off (which can mean a variety of things, but the energy between team members is off, people aren’t satisfied with their role etc.)

For one client I discovered that their Integrator had no clue what the business plan was. For another client we discovered that they thought they were making X amount of money but they were really making much less (Their disorganization in finances was the domino problem.) Now these clients are making confident decisions in their business because they know their numbers.

As I took another client through the Fix My Business process they realized that they actually really hated their main offer and that’s why it wasn’t converting. Eliminating that offer created so much joy her their business again.

For one of my current retainer clients, we realized that their highest converting opt in did not have a nurture sequence and they were leaving money on the table. Now they break even on their Facebook Ads with the nurture sequence we created to upsell them.

Social media engagement what pitiful for one of my clients and I pointed out that they did not have an actual plan for their social media, they were just producing content and hoping for the best. Once they sat down and actually created a data-based plan, their engagement skyrocketed and email list grew significantly.


Another client had no plan whatsoever, just a bunch of projects. Her energy was good and she was feeling in alignment with everything, but she had major resistance to creating an actual plan. Once we identified that creating an actual plan was THE thing holding her back, she was able to work through her resistance around it and we created a plan. Now her team and business is thriving. 

Hi, I’m Nikki -- your personal Business Advisor!

I help Visionaries, like you, take their business to the next level, sustainably, by identifying the invisible obstacles inside their business using my unique process that combines years of experience and energetics.

I’ve had my own online business, I’ve scaled an online business from 0 revenue to 18 million, I was an online business coach inside a group coaching program with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and I currently have a handful of retainer clients that I advise for on a monthly basis. In all of these experiences I’ve helped online entrepreneurs identify the obstacles and come up with creative solutions from outside the jar, and now I want to help you do the same.

You’re here to create an impact.. You work too hard and have something too important to share to continue to remain unseen and unheard.

With the right tools and advising, you can get your revenue back up, get back into alignment and start scaling your business the right way — even if you have tried everything! And that’s exactly what Fix My Business offers..

Let’s do this! You CAN do this!

You’re here to create an impact.. You work too hard and have something too important to share to continue to remain unseen and unheard.

With the right tools and advising, you can get your revenue back up and start scaling your business — even if you have tried everything!. And that’s exactly what Fix My Business offers..

Let’s do this! You CAN do this!


Investment: $1500 USD

A done-for-you service for online business entrepreneurs who are experiencing a dip in revenue, or lack of fulfillment and can’t seem to figure out how to fix it and have tried everything!


  • Personalized Business Diagnostic results
  • A 60-90 min private call with me
  • A plan of action to fix your business
  • A 15 and 30-day follow-up email check in/Q&A